more quality of life for seniors

For all, who did it their way, always. Well known from the TV show “Die Höhle der Löwen”: ello – the electric rollator.

elektrischer Rollator
Rollator mit Antrieb

Stay mobile with ello. Life does not stop either.

Gain back a piece of independence. Developed and produced in Germany, ello represents the generation of modern rollators. The powerful electric motor in the rear wheels supports you at every step. That saves energy, especially uphill. When walking downhill the brakes are automatically applied - for more security

ello offers many unique advantages – for more comfort and unlimited mobility:

  • Leave braking to ello

    Rollator mit automatischer Bremse

    ello keeps the adjusted speed for each gradient. Downhill, the electric motor brakes autonomously. Rolling away will be avoided.

  • Pass any obstacle

    Rollator mit Kippfunktion

    ello can overcome obstacles in daily live, like curbs or entrances in busses without effort. Simply draw ello to your body, the tilt function lifts the front wheels automatically – without physical effort.

  • Conserve power

    Rollator Geschwindigkeit

    ello conserves your power. Simply adjust speed, the powerful electric motor pushes ahead ello – together with your purchases and even uphill.

  • Operate ello intuitively

    elektro Rollator

    All operating elements are designed like this, that ello can be operated intuitively. Simply adjust speed and put your thumb on the sensor – ello starts automatically.

  • SOS Service

    Help by the push of a button: In case of an emergency ello sends an emergency call with the GPS data for the exact position to relatives and all stored contacts.

  • Light & Horn

    Safety first: For better perception in traffic we equipped ello with light and horn. If needed you can attract attention with those features.

  • Mobile without limits

    Even with empty battery: you can easily continue using ello. And for transport: simply fold ello with one hand.

  • Anti-theft protection

    ello can be located at any time – with your authorisation. For example, your ello has been stolen, you forgot ello or, in practical terms, you simply got lost.

236% less problems with ello

Lifting, braking, pushing uphill: a conventional rollator has difficulties in daily life – this is shown by a study, conducted by the Robert-Bosch hospital, Stuttgart, Germany.

  • 76%

    have difficulties in pushing the rollator uphill*

  • 77%

    have difficulties in overcoming obstacles*

  • 83%

    have difficulties in braking downhill*

* Study conducted by the Robert-Bosch hospital in Stuttgart/Germany in 2014

Our testers feel confident

Rollator Test
„The electric rollator is very easy to handle. Also older people can manage that and they stay mobile.“ Eva Gramsch, 90 Years
Rollator testen
„I am impressed! ello motivates me to walk longer distances again. By doing this I can improve my fitness.“ Werner Kries, 90 Years
Rollator empfehlen
„First, I had concerns that my mother has difficulties with the technology. But with the simple symbols you can’t go wrong.“ Elena Wulf, 42 Years

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