The rollator of the next generation.

Give your clients and patients a new feeling of safety and independence. Become an ello partner now – as health care supply store, clinic or care / rehab facility.

ello for walking

Since 2013, ello is developed together with the Robert-Bosch Hospital and the University Stuttgart, Germany. The result: a sophisticated medical product with unique features and characteristics.


have difficulties in pushing a rollator uphill

ello safes energy. The powerful electric motor pushes the rollator upwards automatically each gradient – even with heavy purchase.


have difficulties with curbs

ello easily overcomes obstacles in daily life like curbs or bus entries. With the tilt function, the front wheels are lifted automatically – without physical effort.


have difficulties in braking downhill

Downhill the brakes of ello are applied automatically. The electric motor keeps the adjusted speed for each gradient.

  • Rollator mit Zusatzfunktionen
  • Rollator mit Sensoren
  • moderner Rollator
  • Rollator mit Akku

One idea. Many partners.

ello is far more than an electric motor with four wheels. ello consists of many ideas of our numerous development partners.

Robert-Bosch Hospital Stuttgart, Germany

Our partner on the medical side: The Robert-Bosch Hospital assisted us with the clinical evaluation of ello.

University Stuttgart, Germany / Institute for Machine Elements

Supporters from the very start: Since 2013, the Institute for Machine Elements of the University Stuttgart accompanies the development of ello.

University Stuttgart, Germany, IKTD (Institute for technical construction and technical design)

Our experts for the design of man-machine interfaces: Together with the IKTD of the University Stuttgart, Germany, we developed the simple handling and the ergonomic design.

Institute for Automation Technology and Software Engineering

Our supporters for all questions relating to medical sensor technology, drive technology, battery technology or the development of apps.

Our partner Schiel supports us with the innovative method: solight ecco

Become an ello partner

More than 90 health care supply stores have included ello to their product range. Become an ello partner and be pleased about a sophisticated product which will delight your customers.

As ello partner we guarantee sales support and attractive economic framework conditions. Contact us and arrange a meeting. We are pleased to non-bindingly demonstrate ello through one of our sales representatives.

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Further advantages

In case ello stands, the brake is activated automatically. A fall by sudden rolling away - in case of a dizzy spell – is avoided. For your own security, ello only starts when the thumb is placed on the sensor surface at the handle. This offers an additional advantage: in case of danger, the user takes the thumb from the sensor intuitively and ello stops immediately.

ello has a standard SOS service. Relatives and care home will be informed via text message including the GPS position – at the touch of a button. A safe feeling for users and their relatives. All numbers which should be contacted in case of an emergency can be stored easily. Incidentally, the integrated SIM card is free of charge for the first year – without automatic renewal. It can dial into all mobile networks and therefore ensures maximum safety in serious situations.

For better perception in traffic, ello is equipped with a light which illuminates the path forwards.

ello can be used as a conventional rollator in case it is switched off. This is the difference compared to other electric rollators. With its special drive concept, the wheels can turn freely – without the resistance of the deactivated motor.

The speed of ello can be adjusted at the touch of a button at any time. This sounds obvious but with this function, ello is an exception on the market.

ello has a patented operating concept for an intuitive and fatigue-free handling – a joint development with the IKTD (Institute for technical construction and technical design) University Stuttgart, Germany. All functions are designed to be easily understood and to be operated simply. Without throttles which need getting used to and key combinations which require both hands.

Safety first during the development of ello. Thus, the electric brake is activated automatically in case it has been forgotten to activate the mechanic brake. In case the owner does not recognize anymore where he has parked ello or he loses his bearings, ello can be located via GPS – provided that the owner agrees.

A stroke or a paralysis can heavily affect motor skills. ello offers the possibility to adjust the brake function individually and to enhance the brake function in order to make it easier for the user to keep lane. In addition, the lane keeping function of ello can be adjusted. Consequently, the front wheels offer more stability. ello is adjustable in height and can be individually adapted to the body size.